PSE is aware that some communities are currently experiencing mail delivery delays. You can view your PSE bill online by signing in to or creating a account and clicking “view bill”. (Click “create online account” on the sign-in box if you do not already have a account.)

Start, stop or move service

Please select one of the options below.
Start service Start-Services-active
Start service

I'm new to the area or adding another property to my existing PSE account.

Stop service Stop Service
Stop service

I want to discontinue service at my address.

Move service Move Service
Move service

I'm a PSE customer moving to a new location within the service area.

Manage my requests
If you've already submitted a service request, you can change or cancel it here without signing into your PSE online account.
Manage my rental units
If you’re a landlord with a property management agreement, you can start or resume service for yourself or a tenant by signing into your PSE online account.