Mercer Island School District awarded PSE energy efficiency grant
The award honors the district’s efforts to conserve energy

Bellevue, Washington (4/6/2018) Puget Sound Energy is recognizing Mercer Island School District with a grant worth $123,000 for energy conservation.

The grant funded improvements and upgrades at two schools in the district, which will lead to a savings of an estimated $18,500 a year for the district. “PSE has helped customers manage costs and save energy through one of the largest energy efficiency programs in the nation,” said Andy Wappler, Vice President of Customer Operations and Communications at PSE and a 1982 Mercer Island High School graduate. “With energy efficiency, PSE is helping schools put their resources where it matters most, in helping students learn.”

PSE Energy Management Engineers worked closely with school district project managers to look at the design and construction phase of Northwood Elementary and Islander Middle School to make them more energy efficient.

In total, the PSE energy incentives from construction projects for Northwood Elementary School totaled $79,000 while upgrades at Islander Middle School added up to $44,000.

“Energy efficiency is another tool to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint while also reducing their energy bills,” noted Wappler.

Efficiency measures at Islander Middle School included lighting improvements as well as the addition of high efficiency condensing water heaters. The improvements will create an estimated natural gas and electrical savings of nearly $12,000 a year for the school.

The newly constructed, Northwood Elementary School, had interior and exterior efficiency lighting added to the campus, as well as a high efficiency HVAC system and efficient condensing water heaters. The upgrades will create an estimated electrical and natural gas savings of more than $6,500 a year for the school.