Puget Sound Energy to host wildfire town hall in Kittitas County
Learn about PSE’s proactive efforts to mitigate and respond to wildfire risk

BELLEVUE, Wash. (6/10/2022) Puget Sound Energy is hosting a virtual town hall for those in the Kittitas County area to talk about taking a comprehensive approach to mitigating the evolving risk of wildfires while working to ensure it provides safe and reliable energy for its customers.

The town hall will help customers in the Roslyn, Cle Elum and Ronald areas learn about PSE’s proactive plans to respond to wildfire risk and the approach it’s taking to address wildfire hazards.

Topics include:

  • Wildfire risk identification efforts across our service area
  • The intersection of electric service reliability and wildfire risk reduction
  • Efforts we’ve taken to reduce wildfire risk and maintain electric service reliability in your community
  • Future risk reduction tools under consideration, including potential Public Safety Power Shut-offs

Washington is not immune to the effects of climate change, which are projected to increase in nature over the next several decades. Summers are projected to be drier and warmer, and extreme weather events may become more likely.

Understanding that wildfires are a growing challenge in our region, PSE is doing further analysis and evaluation of a number of actions to effectively address the evolving wildfire challenges. PSE plans to engage with the community to gain input and feedback as it develops and implements its wildfire mitigation and response plans.

Attending the town hall meeting is just one of multiple ways residents and community members can provide input on PSE’s wildfire response plans. Comments and ideas can also be submitted via email, by going online to PSE’s Wildfire website, or calling 1-888-404-8773.

PSE already takes a number of proactive steps as part of its wildfire preparedness, with a focus on the service areas that have the highest risk. Examples include increased tree trimming and removal, pre-wildfire season inspections, installing tree wire, and strategic undergrounding. Many of these actions also improve PSE’s ability to withstand intense winter storms, which traditionally are the major cause of damage to our system.

Other community town halls will be scheduled throughout the summer for residents in areas with higher wildfire risk.

Wildfire Town Hall
Date: Wednesday, June 8
Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location: Online via Zoom (link available at pse.com/wildfirepreparedness)

Media Contact:
Andrew Padula, 888-831-7250, psenewsroom@pse.com

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