​ We partnered with the City of Bellingham to install solar panels at Taylor D​ock

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (6/28/2018) On Wednesday, we teamed with the City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department to celebrate new solar panels installed at Taylor Dock.

Several dozen community members joined in the festivities as the last five solar panels were delivered in a unique way--with zero emissions. The panels arrived by bike and kayak. They came from Itek Energy with help from residents who joined the convoy of bicycles and kayaks carrying the panels. About two dozen kayaks and bikes carried the panels to Taylor Dock on Wednesday, June 27.

Recreational activists from the HUB Community Bike Shop, the Community Boating Center and Recreation Northwest helped deliver the panels. The final panels were installed onto the roof by Ecotech Solar after the community dedication.

The solar array is presented to the residents of Bellingham and is comprised of 28 solar panels, for a total of over 8-kilowatts. It was funded through a grant, awarded in 2016, by our Green Power program and its participants. The city was awarded a $50,000 grant for enrolling 779 new Green Power participants. Finding the right venue, that was visible and beneficial to the community, took some time. Now that they’re installed, the solar panels will help offset the need for electricity to light the dock.​

Taylor Dock2.jpg  Taylor Dock3.jpg