Employee Spotlight Chris

BELLEVUE, Wash. (6/4/2018) This week we focus the spotlight on Senior Energy Advisor, Chris. He’s been with the company for more than 7 years and enjoys working with customers by educating and helping them find ways to save money. Read more about Chris, his commitment to work, and what he likes to do in his free time.

What do you do at PSE and how long have you been here?
I am currently a Senior Energy Advisor, and I have been with PSE for a little over 7 and a half years. 

Why did you want to work here? Or Why do you enjoy working here?
I enjoy working here, because I get to help people save money by saving energy which also protects the environment.

What one thing do you need to know really well to do your job?
To do my job well you must actively listen to customers to help them identify what is contributing to their energy usage, and how to use energy efficiently. A lot of what we do is asking questions to understand how we can help.

What are you most proud of working at PSE?
Helping to educate, and empower our customers to be good stewards of their energy usage.

What’s one of your most memorable moments while working here?
My first visit to the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility.

Of PSE's values, which resonates most with you and why?
We all have a voice I believe that it is vital for any organization to leverage the collective intelligence, creativity and experience of all the people in it, and keep them actively engaged to help identify best solutions and new opportunities.

What's your favorite vacation spot? Why?
So far The Big Island of Hawaii, because of its environmental persity, relaxed culture, and history.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
Tread lightly upon the earth, but leave a positive and lasting impression.

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Probably a dolphin or a whale. I love the ocean.

What do you like to do outside of work? Any interesting hobbies or community service activities?
I enjoy getting out in nature whether it be hiking, swimming, or visiting the many beautiful parks our area has. PSE is great about communicating volunteer opportunities to give back to, and get involved with the communities in which we live and work

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Flying, so I could visit as many places as possible

What's the best or favorite part about your job?
Just helping people, and protecting the environment. When you can educate customers about ways to measure and manage their energy usage, to empower them, that feeling is wonderful.

If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you choose and why?
Wait, what, I thought I was on a reality TV show? Just kidding. Survivor, because they always go somewhere beautiful and it could help me shed some extra pounds.

Do you have a pet?
I do not have pets, but my roommate does, and I treat them as if they were my own. I love animals.

--Andrew Padula

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