PSE Tree Pruning Schedule

Week of November 18, 2019

We will be pruning trees in the following areas to help maintain safe and reliable electric service.*

  • In Bellingham along Birchwood Street
  • In Bellingham along Meridian Street
  • In Bellingham along West North Street
  • In Des Moines along South 223rd Street, 19th Avenue South, and 15th Avenue South
  • In Fall City along 334th Place Southeast, roads adjacent to 334th Place Southeast, 335th Place Southeast, roads adjacent to 335th Place Southeast, Southeast 43rd Street, and roads adjacent to Southeast 43rd Street
  • In Kent along 42nd Avenue South, 45th Avenue South, 46th Avenue South, 50th Avenue South, 51St Place South, 53rd Avenue South, South 280th Street, South 284th Street, South 287th Street, 37th Avenue South, and 41st Avenue South
  • In Kent along South Star Lake Road, 42nd Avenue South, 32nd Place South, 37th Avenue South, South 275th Place, South 276th Street, and South 282nd Street
  • In Oak Harbor along Custer Street and along Briarwood Drive
  • In Port Orchard along Colchester Drive
  • In Rainier along Jonas Hill Lane
  • In Rainier along Woodbrook Lane Southeast and along roads adjacent to Woodbrook Lane Southeast
  • In Sumner along 162nd Avenue East
  • In Tumwater along Israel Road
  • On Vashon Island along Bank Road Southwest

*Subject to change