Puget Sound Energy natural gas projects

Golden Given gas pipeline and limit station

2019 project updates

  • Demolition activities at 964 99th St. E are scheduled to begin in late-May, and last for one week.
  • Work hours are Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Demolition activities will include excavation, jack hammering and removal of the building structure, concrete foundation and debris.
  • All construction activities will be contained within the work site, and we don’t anticipate traffic impacts from this phase of work.
  • When the work is complete, we’ll regrade the area with crushed rock.

Project overview

This project will benefit the region by enabling PSE to meet increasing demand for natural gas. It consists of three sections:

  • Construction of a new limit station at 964 99th St. E. This limit station will reduce the gas pressure as it moves between systems
  • Construct of a new high pressure (HP) gas pipeline along Golden Given Rd. E, from south of 112th St. E. to just north of 96th St. E. This will include a short section along 99th St. E. to the new limit station.
  • Construct of a new intermediate pressure (IP) gas pipeline along the same route on Golden Given Rd. E. only.

This project will also allow some residents along Golden Given Rd. E. to access the IP gas pipeline to provide natural gas to their homes or business. We'll reach out to residents who qualify at a later stage with information about how to sign up.

  • Construction activities will include excavation, jack hammering and installation of the new pipelines.
  • Typical construction noise from trucks and heavy machinery; efforts will be taken to minimize the impact and duration.
  • There will be impacts to normal traffic conditions. Signs and traffic control flaggers will be onsite during work hours to assist vehicles and pedestrians through the work zone.
  • After construction is complete we’ll restore the roadways to like-new condition.
  • PSE customers won't experience an interruption of natural gas service during any stage of this project project.
  • A construction manager and quality assurance inspector will be on-site during construction to monitor the pipeline installation process from beginning to end.
  • Before the pipeline is in service, it will be pressure tested to verify the strength of the pipe, check for leaks and establish a safe operating pressure. Once the pipeline is operational, it will be monitored 24/7 by a remote system operator.

At PSE, we know our customers, employees and the communities we serve expect to live and work around a safe and reliable natural gas system. Safety is our top priority when it comes to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the natural gas system serving more than 800,000 PSE customers. When improving and operating our system, we follow or exceed strict federal and state safety requirements related to pipeline safety.

How does natural gas get to my home or business?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel composed almost entirely of methane. Interstate pipelines transport natural gas to regional natural gas systems, where it is metered and delivered through a network of local mains, service lines and, ultimately, to customer homes and businesses. View How Natural Gas Gets to You for more information.

Committed to keeping you informed

We're proud to serve in your community and aim to complete the work with minimal disruption. We'll continue to provide updates to the community throughout the life of the project.

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