Earth Week coloring contest

Earth Week Coloring Contest

WIN a Samsung Refrigerator

Your kids can celebrate Earth Day by brightening our world and learning more about ways your family can save energy at home. When you lower your energy use, you'll increase your home's efficiency while decreasing your carbon footprint. A random winner will be selected to win a brand new energy-efficient refrigerator from our partners at Samsung!

The contest entry period has ended. See our Facebook page for some of our Coloring Contest entries!

Samsung refrigerator

More about the prize:

The prize will be a Samsung refrigerator awarded with the 2020-2021 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award (ETA).

This Samsung refrigerator will provide an additional 25% in energy savings compared to conventional refrigerators!

The ETA is given to innovative technologies that meet rigorous performance criteria to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gasses, without sacrificing features and functionality.

Are you looking to reduce energy waste in your home?

Here are some helpful tips and resources to upgrade your home this spring:

  • Every appliance comes with two price tags: the purchase price and the cost of operating the product. Choosing ENERGY STAR-certified appliances like our Samsung prize will help you avoid wasting money over the life of the appliance.
  • The more energy-efficient your home becomes, the lower your bills can get. Take the first steps to lower energy usage and check out available Energy Efficiency upgrades and rebates.
  • Keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round by checking your furnace filter monthly and changing your filter every 3 months at a minimum. Check out PSE’s wide variety of heating rebates to make the purchase of an energy-efficient electric or natural gas heating system easier on your wallet, or save on a smart thermostat to help you keep tabs on the temperature from anywhere via a mobile app.
  • Turn down the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. PSE Electric customers qualify for an instant heat pump water heater rebate at participating stores.
  • Did you know that replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lighting can reduce your lighting usage by up to 80 percent? Visit the PSE Marketplace to find great deals on LED lighting and products.
  • Check your windows and outside doorways to prevent drafts and make sure windows are completely closed. Learn more about how to upgrade your windows and insulation.


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Earth Week Coloring Contest Entry

Send us an email attaching your completed coloring page and tell us ONE thing you will do to improve energy efficiency in your home this spring!