PSE COVID-19 Response

As a provider of an essential service, we are working to ensure we are here for our customers, our community and our employees as coronavirus impacts the region.

We know some of our business and residential customers might be worried about paying their bills. Here are measurable actions we’ve taken on behalf of our customers:

  • PSE will not be disconnecting customers for non-payment during this time.
  • During Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order, PSE will only respond to emergency and make-safe situations which require restoration of power or natural gas such as: outages, natural gas leaks/odors, and low-hanging wire. We will also be working to support the essential facilities and services as listed in Governor Inslee’s critical infrastructure throughout our community.
  • PSE will work with our customers on options such as payment plans and choosing a new bill due date.
  • PSE has an energy assistance portal to facilitate access to funds available to income qualified customers.
  • PSE is requiring our employees to maintain social distancing while working in the field. We encourage our customers to do the same when engaging with our employees.

PSE Covid-19 Response

Worker's compensation

In the event of a medical emergency, call 911. For other work-related injuries, illnesses, pain or exposures (such as bee stings, chemicals, and dog bites), you can receive an immediate medical consultation by calling PSE injury care at 1-877-PSECARE (1-877-977-3227). For more information about this service, watch the presentation below and review the frequently asked questions. In the event you call the PSE injury care service and are able to address your medical concerns with self-care measures, complete the Industrial Injury and Illness Report form 3892. For medical issues involving in-person medical care, the information below about worker's compensation claims will apply to your situation.

Play this 3:45-minute presentation about work-related medical concerns. (This presentation will automatically play in most web browsers. To play the presentation using Internet Explorer, follow these steps: After clicking the link, select “Save”, then select “Open”. This will not save the file to your computer.)

Puget Sound Energy is subject to Washington industrial insurance laws and has been approved by the state to cover its own worker's compensation benefits. The Department of Labor and Industries regulates PSE's compliance with these laws. An employee who becomes injured on the job or develops an occupational disease will be entitled to industrial insurance benefits. The claim will be handled and benefits paid by a third party administrator contracted by PSE.

Employees must immediately report an injury or illness to their supervisors. Even if they think an injury is only minor or are not sure the condition is work related, employees must make sure their supervisors are aware of their injuries or concerns. Supervisors will provide employees with all the necessary documents to file a claim. Employees must file a claim if they seek medical treatment.

Employees should not hesitate to seek necessary medical attention. They have the right to go to the doctor of their choice. Inform the doctor that PSE is a self-insured employer. PSE’s third party administrator will pay all medical bills that result from an allowable on-the-job injury or occupational disease. Employees may be entitled to wage replacement or other benefits. PSE’s third party administrator will explain the wage replacement benefits and answer any other questions regarding worker's compensation benefits.

The amount of wage replacement benefits employees may qualify to receive are state-mandated and based on their wages, marital status and number of dependents. Employees who are injured and qualify for worker's compensation benefits may be entitled up to 75 percent of their wages, not to exceed the state-mandated maximum. These time-loss benefits are nontaxable.

For time missed from work for a work-related injury or illness, employees should follow the attendance procedures of their workgroup and call MetLife at 1-877-8OFFWORK (1-877-863-3967) for any time missed from work for worker's compensation medical appointments.

Employee claims will not pay for hours missed from work for medical appointments for a work-related injury or illness. These appointments are to be scheduled outside of scheduled working hours whenever possible. When a medical appointment for the treatment of an industrial injury or illness is necessary during working hours, PSE offers the regular rate of pay for the time taken off work for the appointment and associated travel. To qualify for this compensation, the medical treatment must be authorized through an approved and open worker's compensation claim. The compensation does not impact PTO balances. All worker's compensation appointments taken during working hours may be subject to verification through Eberle Vivian by PSE. If the medical treatment is not authorized under the claim and therefore not billed to Eberle Vivian, the pay benefit may be rescinded.

Employee worker's compensation checklist

Please refer to the detailed checklist for filing worker's compensation claims.