PSE COVID-19 Response

As a provider of an essential service, we are working to ensure we are here for our customers, our community and our employees as coronavirus impacts the region.

We know some of our business and residential customers might be worried about paying their bills. Here are measurable actions we’ve taken on behalf of our customers:

  • PSE will not be disconnecting customers for non-payment during this time.
  • During Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” order, PSE will only respond to emergency and make-safe situations which require restoration of power or natural gas such as: outages, natural gas leaks/odors, and low-hanging wire. We will also be working to support the essential facilities and services as listed in Governor Inslee’s critical infrastructure throughout our community.
  • PSE will work with our customers on options such as payment plans and choosing a new bill due date.
  • PSE has an energy assistance portal to facilitate access to funds available to income qualified customers.
  • PSE is requiring our employees to maintain social distancing while working in the field. We encourage our customers to do the same when engaging with our employees.

PSE Covid-19 Response

Washington State production incentive program

The Washington State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program is a production-based financial incentive for customers with solar, wind, and bio-digester generating systems. PSE voluntarily administers this state incentive to qualified customers. In order for a customer-generator to participate they must:

  • Be a PSE customer with a valid interconnection agreement with the PSE for the operation of their grid-connected renewable energy system.
  • Have a system that includes production metering capable of measuring the energy output of the renewable energy system.
  • Be certified (as named on the PSE account) by the Washington State Program Administrator as eligible for annual incentive payments.

Annually, PSE will measure and report the kilowatt-hours generated by participants’ renewable energy systems and make incentive payments to eligible customers as determined by the Washington State Program Administrator. Individual participant eligibility for a given rate, term, payment limit, and incentive payment amounts will be determined by the Washington State Program Administrator.


Please be aware that PSE cannot guarantee the availability of the Washington Production Incentive Program funds. Eligibility in the state incentive program is determined by the WSU Energy Program. Customers can submit an application to this program only after their renewable energy system has been installed and passed its final electrical inspection. Per state law, WSU Energy Program can only obligate up to $110 million dollars in incentive payments to participants statewide. PSE’s best estimate is that this limit could be reached as early as the end of 2018, and when it is, WSU will stop accepting applications to the program.

If earning the state incentive plays a crucial part in your decision to invest in solar energy, we encourage you to learn more about the availability of incentives at and discuss the risks and project timeline with your installer.

Need help?

Please visit the WSU Energy Program’s website, or contact the Washington State program team at | 360-956-2200 or 888-363-7289 (toll-free).

Legacy participants with valid certifications will continue to receive payments up to $5,000 per year for electricity produced through June 30, 2020 at the following rates:

If your certified renewable energy system includes: Your incentive rate will be:
Solar modules and inverter both manufactured in Washington 50.4¢
Solar modules manufactured in Washington 33.6¢
Solar or wind with an inverter manufactured in Washington 16.8¢
Any other PV system or anaerobic digester 14.0¢
Wind turbine 11.2¢

New and prospective participants

Participants with state certification on or after October 1, 2017, who maintain ongoing eligibility requirements are eligible for up to eight years of annual incentive payments on kilowatt-hours generated July 1, 2017 through no later than June 30, 2029. Individual participant eligibility for a given rate, term, payment limit, and annual incentive payment amounts are determined by the Washington State Program Administrator, based on RCW 82.16, including the following incentive rate guidelines:

Fiscal year of system certification Base rate - Residential (up to 12 kW) Base rate - Commercial (above 12 kW) Made in Washington bonus
2018 $.16 $.06 $.05
2019 $.14 $.04 $.04
2020 $.12 $.02 $.03
2021 $.10 $.02 $.02
Annual limit per participant $5,000 $25,000

Please visit the State's webpage for information about how to apply for state certification.