Take Ownership of Your Conversion Burner

PSE is ending the Conversion Burner Rental Service on 3/31/20. You have the option of taking ownership of the conversion burner when service ends. Please complete the form below to electronically sign your Bill of Sale and take ownership of your conversion burner. If you have multiple conversion burners you would like to take ownership of, you will need to complete the form for each piece of equipment.

You can find your account number and equipment number on your monthly bill or on the letter that was sent to your mailing address or e-mail address on file.

If you do not wish to take ownership of the equipment, please contact Lease Services at LeaseServices@pse.com or 1-800-421-7368 to schedule removal of the conversion burner.

Contact information

Lease Services: 1-800-421-7368
Email: LeaseServices@pse.com
Fax: 425-462-3418

THIS BILL OF SALE (“Bill of Sale”) is made from Puget Sound Energy (“Company”) to the customer named below (“Customer”)

  1. Company has been leasing to Customer a natural gas conversion burner (“Appliance”). Company discontinued its leasing program for this Appliance. Company offered to transfer ownership of the Appliance to Customer, and Customer has chosen to accept ownership of the Appliance on the terms of this Bill of Sale effective April 1, 2020.

  2. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are acknowledged by Company and Customer, Company assigns, transfers, conveys and delivers to Customer all of Company’s right, title and interest in and to the Appliance. In conjunction with the transfer of ownership of the Appliance, Company will also provide Customer with a one-month rental charge credit

  3. CUSTOMER IS ACQUIRING LEGAL OWNERSHIP OF THE APPLIANCE “AS-IS” WITH NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES. COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Without limiting this general disclaimer of warranties, Company specifically disclaims any implied warranties that the Appliance is suitable or sufficient for heating Customer’s home or that the Appliance is suitable or sufficient for use in the furnace, boiler or any other equipment the Appliance is installed in.

  4. The Appliance requires periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate safely and reliably. Company will no longer provide inspection or maintenance for the Appliance after March 31, 2020 (“Service Termination Date”). This means that after the Service Termination Date (i) Customer will be solely responsible for all maintenance and repair, regardless of the cause of the issue, (ii) Company will have no obligation to maintain, repair, replace or supply parts for the Appliance, other than the limited inspections and adjustments specified in Gas Rule 24, and (iii) Customer will be solely responsible for ensuring that the Appliance is inspected and maintained. Failure to do so could result in the Appliance failing, which could result in a fire, serious injury or death and property damage.

  5. This Bill of Sale is binding on Customer’s successors, assigns, heirs, and personal representatives.

  6. Customer accepts this Bill of Sale and all of its terms and conditions, agrees to release Company from all responsibility and liability related to the Appliance, and accepts all ownership and responsibility for the Appliance.

  7. The person signing below represents and warrants that such person is the owner, contract purchaser or authorized representative of the household with the authority to execute this Bill of Sale.
  • How to find my account information?

    Account Number: This is found in the yellow section on the top right of your bill, starts with a 20xxxxxxxxxx or 22xxxxxxxxxx and is 12 digits.

    Lease Account Number 

    PSE Equipment Number: This is found on your bill under the “Products and Services” section, starts with a 13xxxxxx, 14xxxxxx, or 15xxxxxx and is 8 digits.

    Lease Equipment Number 

    Service Address: The service address is located on your bill in the top left blue section and should match exactly what is put into the form. This is the address where the equipment is located and may not be the same as your mailing address.

Account Information

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