Distributed batteries

Customer-sited solutions for demand management and outage support

Distributed batteries provide backup power to customers during outages and can help PSE balance loads in times of high demand.

We are currently planning three battery demonstration projects:

  • Residential “behind the meter” use. We are looking to install five, 6-8kW lithium- batteries in customers’ homes with a primary goal of testing how they perform during outages. These batteries can power homes during an outage (much like a generator), and can also help us balance loads during times of high demand. We are exploring Bainbridge Island as a possible location for this project.

  • Commercial use. Similar to the residential behind-the-meter batteries, this demonstration project will test demand charge reduction, and has tentatively been sited for a commercial location in Poulsbo.

  • Community use. A grid-tied battery will test solar integration, power quality and peak shaving. We are currently looking for a neighborhood with high solar penetration for this project.

We are continuing to explore additional opportunities where batteries could help us glean valuable insights into their future potential integration with our system.

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