Acquiring Energy

Procuring new energy supply

To meet the anticipated energy needs of our region in the coming years, PSE must acquire new sources of energy. We have several strategies for acquiring additional energy, approaches that meet your long-term demands for electricity and natural gas while keeping your rates as low as possible.

As a leader in renewable energy, we are actively developing additional renewable resources that protect both your pocketbook and the environment.

Another important strategy is to continue helping homes and businesses save energy. Over the next 20 years, our energy-efficiency programs are expected to help customers save more than 500 megawatts of electricity. Those savings are equivalent to the output of four average-sized natural gas-fired power plants.

We also identify new energy resources by issuing formal requests for proposals (RFP). This open-bidding process helps us purchase power, acquire existing power plants and develop new facilities at the most competitive prices.


Our RFP process

Pursuant to Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission rules (WAC 480-107), following the biannual updating of PSE's Integrated Resource Plan, PSE files a Request for Proposals when the plan identifies a resource need within the next three years.


Update on Solicitation for Independent Evaluator

On November 24, 2020, PSE announced the commencement of a solicitation for an independent evaluator (“IE”) relating to PSE’s forthcoming 2021 All-Source and Demand Response RFPs (the “2021 RFPs). The IE Request for Proposal materials (“IE RFP”) were posted on this website, following a notification sent to stakeholders and interested parties on November 17, 2020 inviting comment and expressions of interest. PSE received strong proposals from several qualified candidates, and has now completed its evaluation process. In accordance with WAC 480-107-023(2), PSE has submitted a petition to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (the “Commission”) for approval of its recommended IE. Interested stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in the Commission's approval process, consistent with WAC 480-100-021(2), through docket UE-210037 at the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission website ( The IE RFP materials remain available at the links below for reference.

IE RFP Materials:
IE RFP Main Document
Appendix A: IE RFP Bid Form
Appendix B: IE RFP Questionnaire
Appendix C: IE RFP Declaration of Conflict of Interest
Appendix D: IE RFP Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Appendix E: IE RFP Master Services Agreement
Appendix F: IE RFP Draft Statement of Work
Sample Certificate of Insurance


2020 Demand Response and All-Source RFPs Update

On October 15, 2020, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (“WUTC”) held an open meeting in which it granted a motion from Puget Sound Energy (“PSE”) to withdraw its draft 2020 Demand Response and All-Source RFPs in dockets UE-200413 and UE-200414, respectively. Consistent with the requirements of the Commission’s Final Order in these dockets, PSE must file its next draft All-Source and system wide electric Demand Response RFPs no later than April 1, 2021. The full text of the Commission’s Final Order may be found in the WUTC dockets referred to above.

PSE submitted the motion on September 8, 2020, and has been providing stakeholders with periodic updates, which can be found in the links below and on the WUTC web site in the dockets referenced above.

PSE will provide interested parties with information about its planned 2021 RFPs as it becomes available. Notifications will be sent by email to PSE’s stakeholder notification list and will be posted to this webpage. Interested parties may opt in to receive stakeholder notifications by contacting Parties interested in learning about PSE’s integrated resource planning process, which informs and guides the RFP process, can click 2021 Integrated Resource Plan for more information.

2018 Demand Response and All-Source RFPs Update

PSE received nearly 100 proposals in response to its 2018 All-Source and Demand Response RFPs from a variety of resource alternatives. This is the largest response to a PSE All-Source RFP to date. Many proposals included multiple offer options with variations in pricing, offer structure, term start and duration, and transmission delivery points. Some proposals offered hybrid options, pairing storage with wind or solar resources.

So far, PSE has issued three press releases announcing the execution of contracts from the 2018 RFP. The RFP process remains ongoing. PSE will update this site if and when new resources are contracted.


2018 All-Source and Demand Response Proposals

The following table summarizes the resources PSE received in response to its 2018 Demand Response and All-Source RFPs by resource type and size.

Resource type

# Proposals

Size range
(MW / RECs, roughly)



35 – 290 MW



45 – 500 MW

Storage – battery


10 – 200 MW / 30 – 800 MWh

Storage – pumped hydro


330 – 500 MW



10 – 55 MW

Natural Gas-fired Gen.


50 – 620 MW



15-25 MW

Hydro - run of river


40 MW

System PPA / Call Option


100 MW

Unbundled RECs


35,000 - 130,000 RECs

Demand Response


20-40 MW





Contact information

Questions or comments about the Demand Response RFP may be sent to Questions about the All-Source RFP may be sent to

Reporting information

PSE's Code of Conduct for voluntarily submitting energy data to index developers.