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Electrifying your fleet with PSE

PSE Up & Go Electric is in the process of developing a new program to be available by 2023 designed to assist businesses, transit authority and government agency customers, community-based service providers and other commercial organizations with electrifying their fleets.

This program may include options like fleet advisory services, turnkey infrastructure incentives and charger rebates to help offset the costs of transitioning to an electric fleet. PSE is also exploring additional rebates for customers in highly impacted communities and vulnerable populations, as well as their service providers.

Commercial electric customers with fleet vehicles can sign up to receive communications about the upcoming fleet electrification program and be the first to know when it will be open for applications.

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Why take steps to electrify your fleet?

  • Cost savings. Fleet electrification can lead to reduced fuel and maintenance costs, not to mention savings from potential tax incentives.
  • Sustainability. In Washington, transportation accounts for around 45 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Electrifying fleets is an effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and reach clean energy goals.
  • Availability. Light, medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles are coming to the market – or are already here – to meet your specific fleet needs, including light-duty trucks; medium-duty school buses and delivery trucks; and heavy-duty shuttle buses, transit buses and freight trucks.
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Partner now with our fleet electrification experts

Up & Go Electric Fleet currently provides the opportunity for our commercial electric customers to benefit from PSE’s fleet electrification experts. Receive free one-on-one consultations, tailored total cost of operation estimates, and valuable utility-side advice on fleet electrification.

Your Up & Go Electric Fleet consultation will include a personalized report from our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator (download a sample report here) showing total and annual O&M savings, ROI, emissions reductions, charger recommendations and more.

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