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As PSE moves forward with installing Up & Go Electric charging stations in our service area, we’re taking precautions to keep workers and the public safe, including requiring six feet of physical distance, the wearing of face coverings and abiding by the Governor’s COVID-19 Job Site Requirements Plan.

Charging with PSE Up & Go Electric

As we continue to work toward a better energy future, you may notice PSE Up & Go Electric charging stations popping up where you live, work and shop. In fact, our first public charging station opened September 2020 at The Hub in Lacey, Wash.

Here’s everything you need to know about our new electric vehicle charging network.

Why charge with us

We’re committed to carbon reduction and supporting the growth of electric transportation in our region. One way we’re doing that is by making it easier for drivers to charge their EVs at home, at work and in public. Our Up & Go Electric charging stations are:

  • Fast and reliable featuring the newest chargers and regular maintenance by PSE
  • Greener because we match every public station charge with 100 percent renewable energy
  • Easy to use with simple mobile payment options and clear pricing
  • Worry free including multiple connectors to fit any type of EV

Download the Up & Go Electric app

To use an Up & Go Electric charger, first download the Up & Go Electric app, brought to you by PSE and Greenlots, and create an account. You’ll be able to find the nearest charging station, get real-time info on charger status and pricing, pay with the click of a button, and monitor your charging status.

Download the PSE app on the Google Play Store   Download the PSE app on the Apple App Store
  • App FAQs
    What if I already have the myPSE app?

    Even if you have the myPSE app you’ll still need the PSE Up & Go Electric app to charge your EV. That’s because payment processing for charging is handled by our charging partner Greenlots.

    How do I pay using the PSE Up & Go Electric app?

    Once you’ve downloaded the PSE Up & Go Electric app and created an account, click “add credit card” in the payments section. This will allow you to pay as you charge. You can also prepay for charging with the “buy credits” button in the payments section. Please note, payment processing is managed by our charging partner Greenlots.

    Can I register an Up & Go Electric account on my computer instead of the app?

    If you don’t want to register through the app, you can create an account on your computer using our driver portal.

  • How to use our charging stations

    Thanks to the PSE Up & Go Electric app, charging is simple.

    1. Connect your EV to the charge port
    2. Use the app’s “charge” screen to scan the charger’s QR code – or manually enter the charger’s ID number – and click “go”
    3. On the app, select the connector number (if applicable) and click “start charge”
    4. When you’re finished charging, click “stop charge” on the app
    5. Unplug the charging cable and reinsert it into the cable holster

    Don't want to download the app? Register online using our driver portal and order your own Up & Go Electric RFID card for quick and easy charging.

  • PSE public charging stations
    Electric Vehicle Chargers

    While PSE Up & Go Electric charging stations can be found at workplaces and multifamily properties throughout our service area for the designated use of their employees and residents, our public charging stations are open to all drivers and feature a mix of DCFC and Level 2 charging ports for fast and reliable charging for multiple vehicles.

    The first Up & Go Electric charging station is conveniently located at The Hub at Lacey (676 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey, WA). By 2022, we plan to open an additional seven public charging stations near major travel routes and shopping destinations in our service area.

  • What makes PSE public chargers green

    PSE Up & Go Electric public charging stations are a greener way to charge when on the go. Energy purchased at these stations is matched with 100 percent renewable energy through our Green Power program. That means not only are drivers reducing their emissions by choosing to drive an electric vehicle, they’re also investing in a better energy future every time they charge.

    Learn more about our Green Power program.

  • Customer service + support

    For customer service or technical support, please call 1-877-251-7655 or email PSEsupport@greenlots.com.

    You may see your PSE Up & Go Electric charging history appear on your PSE bill. This is purely informational and doesn’t reflect a new charge. If you have questions about your charging history or bill, please contact our Energy Advisors at 1-800-562-1482.

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