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Generating your own power

By producing your own renewable energy you can lower your electric costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more at the links below:

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Interested customers

Net Metering and other incentives

Net Metering helps you offset the cost of the electricity you buy with energy you generate at home. Your power can be generated with solar, wind, biogas and other eligible renewable resources. State and Federal incentives may also be available to you.

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    How Net Metering Works


    Through Net Metering, PSE keeps track of the energy you use and the amount of excess power your system generates. The energy you send back to the grid is credited against your usage so you only pay for the net amount of energy that PSE provides, plus your basic monthly charge.

    Benefits of Net Metering:

    • Reduces your electricity bills.
    • Reduces your carbon footprint
    • Allows you to use your own clean energy source, without giving up the reliability of the PSE grid.

    Federal Incentives

    Explore the Solar Energy Investment Tax Credit, available for residential and commercial projects:

    Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

    Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

    The WA State Production Incentive Program is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting new applications from PSE customers to enroll in the program.

    For more information, please visit the WSU Energy Program.
    For further background about the funding and closure of this program, please visit Solar Washington.

    Steps to apply for Net Metering

    If you're thinking of generating your own electricity to meet a portion or all of your electricity needs, we can help you through the Net Metering process. A net meter is capable of measuring both the electricity supplied by the utility as well as any excess supplied by the customer's system back to the grid and is designed for systems up to 100 kW of generating capacity. For systems that exceed this generation level, please view our Distributed Renewables program page for more information or contact one of our Energy Advisors at 1-800-562-1482.

    To get started:

    Select an experienced installer. Through PSE Recommended Energy Professionals (REPs) you can find a dependable and qualified solar installer. The installer will help you determine if your home/business is a good candidate for solar. We recommend you get multiple bids on your project and check their references.

    Interconnect with PSE. Once you’ve selected an installer, they will help lead you through the process of connecting your solar array to the PSE power grid. The process is as follows:

    1. Submit an Interconnection application using our online portal
    2. PSE will review your project submission. If accepted, PSE will issue you an Approval to Construct
    3. Proceed with solar installation, following local codes and permitting requirements
    4. After your electrical permit has been finalized, submit your Notice of Completion to PSE
    5. PSE will then order meters
    6. PSE will issue an approval to energize and initiate net metering


    PSE Rate Schedules
    150 (Net Metering)
    152 (Interconnection)

Existing customers

The net metering policy for Washington state is designed to let customer-generators offset their electricity consumption with solar energy production on an annual basis. If you use more energy than you produce during a given bill period, then you pay PSE for your net purchase, plus the basic service charge.

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    If you produce more energy than you use within a given bill period, your net excess generation is added to your net metering reserve. You can use your net metering reserve to apply to energy charges in another bill period. Per state law, net metering credits expire on March 31 of each year.

    Washington State Production Incentive Program

    The Washington State Renewable Energy System Incentive Program (RESIP) is a production-based financial incentive for customers with solar, wind, and bio-digester generating systems. This program is separate from and additional to the benefits of net metering. The Washington State Program Administrator (WSU Energy Program) determines individual eligibility, rates, terms payment limits and annual payment amounts. PSE voluntarily administers state incentive payments annually to qualified participating customers.

    In order for a customer-generator to participate they must:

    • Be a PSE customer (named on the electric bill) with Approval to Energize their grid-connected renewable energy system at that address.
    • Have a system that includes PSE-owned production metering capable of measuring the energy output of the renewable energy system.
    • Be certified (in the name on the PSE account) by the Washington State Program Administrator (WSU Energy Program) as eligible for annual RESIP payments.

    For many PSE customers (those with renewable energy systems installed prior to October 2017) the last incentive payments were made in 2020 as designed by state law.

    In 2019, the state budget limits for this program were reached, and the WSU Energy Program is no longer accepting applications from PSE customers who install new solar systems.


    PSE continues to administer annual incentive payments to our participating customers with systems certified by the WSU Energy Program. This includes:

    • Customers who were certified by WSU Energy Program as eligible RESIP participants when they installed their renewable energy systems (roughly October 2017-June 2019) and;
    • Customers who opened a new PSE electric account where there is a previously RESIP Certified renewable energy system AND who obtain certification of eligibility in their name from the WSU Energy Program prior to the close of the state fiscal year no later than June 30.

    PSE reads production meters annually on June 30th, and each fall reports the kilowatt-hours generated by participants' renewable energy systems. Once directed by the WSU Energy Program (the State Program Administrator), PSE makes annual incentive payments to eligible customers. Individual participant eligibility for a given rate, term, payment limit, and incentive payment amounts are determined by the Washington State Program Administrator.

    The following are guidelines for informational purposes only:
    Systems with valid eligibility
    beginning with state certification:
    Base rate for systems
    up to 12 kW
    Base rate for system
    larger than 12 kW
    Made in WA bonus
    October 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 $.16 $.06 $.05
    July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 $.14 $.04 $.04
    Annual limit per participant $5000 $25,000
    For annual payments on up to 8 years of kilowatt-hours generated.

    For more information, please visit the WSU Energy Program's website, or contact the Washington State Energy Program team at | 360-956-2200 or 888-363-7289 (toll-free).

    Moved In?

    If you opened a new PSE electric account at a home or business with solar, you automatically benefit from net metering on your electric bills.

    In order to qualify for a State Production Incentive Payment, a customer must first obtain certification of eligibility from WSU Energy Program. To be eligible for a payment in 2021, a customer with a qualifying system (installed October 2017 - June 2019, and previous owner was certified by WSU in the RESIP program) must obtain certification of eligibility from the WSU Energy Program prior to June 30, 2021. Contact WSU Energy Program at | 360-956-2200 or 888-363-7289 (toll-free).

    Be prepared to provide your full name, service address and account number as they appear on the PSE electric bill for your net metered service.


    Understand your Net Metered billing
    Understand your Net Metered billing (with production meter)
    WA State Production Incentive Program
    150 (Net Metering)
    151 (Renewable Energy Production Incentive Payment Program)


Find resources and guidelines for solar contractors and installers. Please remember that all customer generation system applications and schematics must be approved by PSE before a system is installed.