We’re creating a better energy future.

For more than 145 years, Puget Sound Energy has provided local energy service for communities across Washington and proudly serves 1.5 million customers today. To ensure we meet their current and future needs, PSE is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2040.

It starts here

PSE’s carbon reduction initiative includes a measurable action plan covering three major areas:

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The transition from coal

With the retirements of Colstrip Units 1 and 2 no later than July 2022 and the shutdown of the Centralia Power Plant in 2025, PSE will be nearly 90 percent clean—meaning non-coal generation—and on the path to 100 percent by the early 2030s. 1Moving away from coal requires balance and transition. We provide critical services our customers count on, so we must carefully weigh any impacts on cost and reliability. We’re also committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the workers and community of Colstrip, Montana. This is a complicated process. We’re working closely with officials in our state and Montana to make this happen.

1No shutdown date has been established for Colstrip Units 3 and 4. Nearly 90 percent clean is based on 2016 load data.

New product and resource development

Our customers count on us for reliable and safe energy. We provide one-third of all of the electric and gas energy in our state—powering more than 1.5 million homes and businesses.

For years, we’ve been leading the way to cleaner, more affordable energy, from hydro power to the three large wind farms we built in Washington state. We’re the third largest utility owner of wind generation in the U.S. and we have one of the largest energy efficiency programs in the nation. Now, we’re making strategic investments that will bring more wind to commercial and large scale customers through our Green Direct program. We’re making solar and local green power available to communities and families through our Green Power and Solar Choice programs. And we’re deploying smart grid capabilities to modernize our system.

Cleaner transportation

If we are going to have a better energy future in our state, we have to address transportation. In Washington, 43 percent of our carbon emissions come from transportation. Our state currently has a goal of 50,000 electric vehicles on our roadways by 2020. PSE has been supporting the market growth of electric vehicles and stands ready to do more. At the same time, we have to think of the whole picture and consider commercial and industrial transportation uses.

We have the opportunity to significantly reduce emissions with cleaner alternatives to diesel and other fuels. PSE’s partnership with TOTE Maritime will make just this kind of impact. When TOTE’s first ship leaves Tacoma for Alaska fueled with LNG, it will reduce harmful pollutants in the air and water by more than 85 percent. Our LNG facility will create the greenest shipping fleet on the West Coast. Imagine the impact on our state’s overall carbon emissions if more ships, trucks or even rail cars were powered by LNG.

It’s all of us

Our customers and communities care as deeply about climate change and the environment as we do. Their continued care, support and enthusiasm are absolutely essential for success. We also have simple and concrete actions for them to make a difference in their daily lives—from energy-efficient lighting and appliances to solar, carbon reduction and other green power programs.

For generations to come

Each step we take together will help to preserve and protect our environment for future generations. Working in partnership today, we can create a better energy future. See all we’re doing to reach our 50x2040 goal at pse.com/TOGETHER.