Beat the heat

According to the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center, western Washington will see above average temperatures in the summer months this year. This summer is predicted to be a continuation of last year with above normal dry heat and hottest temperatures occurring from mid-July to mid-August, along with a slightly warmer and drier September and October than usual. This prediction comes after record snowfall and third-coldest February since 1945 in Washington and around the Puget Sound.

Higher temperatures typically mean you increase energy usage in your home, whether it is related to cooling or air quality. It is important to remain comfortable during heat waves. As we continue to see rising temperatures and warmer weather, we want you to know about the resources that are available to help pay bills, lower energy use, and beat the heat this summer.

Energy assessment

Free home energy assessment

Schedule a free home energy assessment today and get an overview of how your home uses energy

Ductless heat pump to manage heating and cooling

Heating and cooling

Stay comfortable and efficient with a ductless heat pump

Switch out all of your lighting to LED bulbs


Upgrade your indoor and outdoor lighting with PSE incentives and instant discounts on LED lamps

Icon; Green Power

Renewable energy

Match your energy usage with a blend of renewables, it's local, independent and low carbon. Enroll today!

Upgrade to a smart thermostat and get a $75 rebate

Smart thermostat

Upgrade to a smart thermostat and get a $75 rebate

Weatherize your house to keep the cold air in, and the hot air out


Keep the cold air in and the hot air out with weatherization rebates for your home