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Distributed Renewables

To facilitate the renewables revolution in our region, PSE has established the Distributed Renewables program. Working with our commercial customers to develop a cleaner more resilient power grid we are meeting both our region’s needs and PSE’s renewable energy goals.

Distributed Renewables' aim is to provide assistance in the development of customer-owned renewable energy projects that generate between 100 kilowatts and 5 megawatts to interconnect to the PSE electrical distribution grid. Current federal and state laws require the interconnection customer to be responsible for all costs related to connecting their system to PSE's power grid. Therefore, PSE wants to work to ensure the interconnection process is efficient, while maintaining a grid that is safe and reliable for all customers.

In addition, PSE offers Schedule 91, a Power Purchase Agreement for Qualified Facilities up to 5 megawatts. Qualified Facilities greater than 5 megawatts should refer to Schedule 92, Purchases from Qualifying Facilities of Greater Than Five Megawatts. (Refer to Resource Links, below.)

To begin the process or to speak to an Energy Advisor, please contact us at:

contact us1-800-562-1482

Types of systems

The program is governed by WA State Jurisdiction, PSE Electric Generation Schedule 152, and PSE Power Purchase Agreement Schedule 91, which provide for three types of interconnection:

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    1. Export Power Only. A site with no customer load (beyond small draw for equipment operation) where the entire output is metered and connected to the distribution system.
    2. Import and Export Power. A site with a significant load, but less than the output capacity of the generation. Where generated power offsets imported power from PSE and where generation is in excess of the site load and is exported to PSE.
    3. On-site Only Power. A site where generation is less than the lowest existing customer load and there is no intention to export power to PSE. Power export will be limited by PSE specified protection devices in this case.

Qualifying technologies

New and existing business customers looking to take greater control of their electricity usage are encouraged to apply when installing qualifying customer-sited, renewable technology including:

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    • Grid scale solar photovoltaic (PV) including community solar projects
    • Energy Storage/Battery technologies
    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects
    • Biogas and Methane: Dairy Digesters and Landfill gas projects
    • Hydroelectric turbine projects
    • Grid scale wind projects
    • Fuel Cell technologies
    • Supercritical CO2 or Hydrogen turbine technologies

    A customer team including project management and engineering professionals with experience in utility grade generator interconnection is required for these types of projects.

Steps to apply for interconnection

The interconnection process, from initial application submittal to final approval to operation, can take up to 24 months to complete, depending on project complexity.

To get started, please review the following steps:

  1. Review “Generator Interconnection” information listed in the Resources section below.
  2. Visit our online portal to complete and submit a signed interconnection application.
  3. Submit the required application fee.
  4. Once received, PSE will review your project application.
  5. If accepted, PSE will contact you to coordinate a project scoping meeting.

We look forward to working with you through the steps in the development of your project.

For more information or assistance with the Distributed Renewables interconnection application process, email or contact our Energy Advisors at 1-800-562-1482.


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