Community Solar is a new renewable energy program now available for PSE electric customers who want to share the benefits of local solar. Today you can subscribe to shares in a newly constructed, local solar energy site of your choice and receive bill credits for the energy that your shares generate from the power of the sun. This renewable energy replaces some or all of your regular electricity use and helps drive a clean energy supply, which wouldn’t be possible without support from subscribers.

Benefits of Community Solar

  • 100% local. Choose a brand-new solar energy site that you can see generating renewable energy for the communities PSE serves.

  • No roof required. Whether you own or rent, there’s no required investment in equipment to draw the benefits of local solar energy.

  • Get energy credits. Subscriptions are just $20 per month per share. You’ll get bill credits for the solar energy generated by your share(s) to offset a portion of your monthly subscription cost.

Become a founding member to lower your carbon footprint and directly boost access to clean solar energy within our communities. But act fast – space is limited!


Community Solar locations

We’ve partnered with communities and organizations across our service area to build multiple new, local solar energy installations. Subscriptions are available now for a limited number of shares per site.

Community Solar
Solar sites coming soon!

We’re partnering with local communities and organizations to build multiple new solar energy installations located on rooftops of publicly owned buildings and other properties across our service area. The first two solar energy installations that will be available for customer subscription in 2021 will be located in Kittitas County near Ellensburg and Olympia.

Kittitas Community Solar

Located in sunny Kittitas County near Ellensburg, WA, the Kittitas Community Solar site is a 5 MWac ground-mounted solar array installation featuring more than 13,000 solar panels that can generate approximately 10 million kWh of solar energy every year. The Kittitas Community Solar site will make approximately 3,400 shares available to PSE electric customers for subscription, making it the largest solar installation in the inaugural phase of our Community Solar program. Construction will begin this summer with subscriptions becoming available shortly thereafter; it is estimated to be fully operational by the end of 2021.

Olympia High School Community Solar

The Olympia High School Community Solar site will be installed on the roof of the Olympia High School building. At 200 kWac, the Olympia High School Community Solar site will make approximately 135 shares available to PSE electric customers for subscription. Construction will begin on the site this summer with subscriptions becoming available shortly thereafter; it is estimated to be fully operational in the fall of 2021.

Other solar installations located in Western Washington are currently under development and will be announced at a later date.

  • When can I subscribe?

    Our first Community Solar sites will be available for subscription starting late summer 2021. Sign up now for updates about solar sites coming soon and when you can subscribe.

  • How it works

    Community Solar will offer any PSE electric customer, including renters, homeowners and businesses, the opportunity to choose 100% locally generated solar energy by subscribing to shares in a new solar site of their choice.

    • The program is voluntary and enrollment is simple.
    • You can subscribe to shares in one or more available sites in any community.
    • Subscriptions are just $20 per month per share automatically added to your regular electricity bill.
    • Subscriptions require a one-year minimum term. Early termination will result in a cancellation fee.
    • The energy generated by your shares offsets a portion of the monthly subscription fee as an energy credit on your bill.
    • Monthly energy credits will vary based on real-time production of the solar energy sites — credits may be higher in the summer than winter and may vary by site based on location.
    • You can keep your shares for the life of the site, up to 15 years.
    • After a one-year term, you can cancel your subscription at any time, if desired.
  • Income-eligible offer

    Community Solar will also offer a limited number of shares from each solar site to income-eligible customers at no cost. We believe in a clean energy future that is inclusive and expands access to renewable energy for more customers. Stay tuned for more details on eligibility and enrollment.

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