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Energy efficiency is good business

We recognize that small business can be a tough business, and that our small business customers are often on deck for every task under the sun. It can perhaps leave you feeling too busy to look into ways to reduce your utility bill or save energy. But it’s a worthwhile place to put your effort, and PSE is here to help you figure it out.

If any of the benefits below sound good, it’s time to get started with PSE’s programs designed for small and medium business customers.

How energy efficiency benefits your bottom line

Reduce energy bills Increase productivity and comfort with improved lighting, visibility and air temperature
Lower equipment maintenance costs Create a more engaging space for employees and customers
Reduce energy use and carbon footprint

Free energy assessments
Our teams travel to small businesses across PSE service territory to conduct free energy assessments, install LED lighting and suggest other energy-saving opportunities.
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Commercial heating & cooling
Commercial heating and cooling

Improving your heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system’s efficiency can considerably lower your business’ utility bills.

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Commercial LED lighting
Lighting is a great place to start when looking to trim your business’ energy usage, and we offer several options.
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Commercial kitchen equipment incentives
Foodservice and commercial kitchen appliances
Cooking and sanitation account for more than half of all energy usage in foodservice businesses, so keeping it efficient can slash utility bills.
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Commercial Lodging Efficiency Program
Hotel and motel operations

We offer several programs designed to make your hospitality business more energy efficient.

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Custom Grants
Customized grants

You may qualify for a custom grant if you’re looking into an energy-saving improvement that doesn’t fit into our programs above.

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