Small Business Energy Efficiency Program

PSE recognizes that small business can be a tough business and that our business owners and tenants are often on deck for every task under the sun. This leaves you stretched thin and often too busy to look into potential ways to reduce your utility bill or save energy. That’s why we have created the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program!

For small business owners whether you own or rent your space, less than 10,000 square feet receiving electricity and or natural gas through PSE. This program provides a free energy assessment of your facility. Where identified, we will even install proven energy-saving products including lighting, water heating and HVAC controls. Many of them even come at no cost to you! In addition, the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program can help increase your facility’s efficiency by coordinating with other PSE-funded programs to create a more comprehensive list of energy-saving actions you can take.

Let PSE kick off your energy saving journey with us by scheduling a free energy assessment today!


What you get*
Energy upgrades
PSE offers easy ways to directly improve your workspace and increase savings, including:
  • A no-cost comprehensive assessment and energy savings report
  • Proposal including additional energy efficiency upgrade opportunities, if eligible
  • Installation of no-cost and low-cost energy saving products
  • Reduced energy use and savings on your bill
  • Improved work environment for employees and customers
Energy upgrade
Eligible businesses may be able to take advantage of these simple energy upgrades:
  • LED lighting: Fixture upgrades, exterior lighting, exit and open signs
  • Water savers: Low-flow faucet aerators, pre-rinse spray heads
  • HVAC: Web Enabled and Occupancy based thermostats

*Subject to eligibility and availability

How to qualify

To be eligible for PSE's Small Business Efficiency Program:

You must be a current PSE commercial electric*, natural gas, or dual fuel* (using both) customer with a small business under 10,000 square feet. This may also include:

  • Small Offices and Retail
  • Small and Independent Restaurants, Grocers, and Convenience Stores
  • Small Commercial Laundries, and Hotels/Lodging
  • Small Doctor and Dental Offices
  • Small Farms and Agricultural businesses, greenhouses, and dairies
  • Small livestock production, nurseries, and food processors
Your building must be under 10,000 square feet

Churches are eligible where they offer the following services.

  • Daycare
  • Private School
  • Or offices that operate a minimum standard forty hours work week

New Construction projects are not eligible for this rebate.

If you are a small business, contact us at to see if you’re eligible.

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