Pay for Performance

Simplify by bundling projects and maximize your incentives

The Pay for Performance (P4P) program simplifies the grant process by bundling multiple capital projects with savings from Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and behavioral opportunities. In this multi-year program, savings are verified at the meter. This guarantees incentive payment for every kWh saved, regardless of it's source, and rewards behavioral activities promoting long term savings persistence.

What you get

  • Bundle multiple capital projects into a single application, regardless of the savings potential of any individual measure.
  • Track your utility cost and interval usage with PSE’s web-based software.
  • Use provided templates for easy performance tracking and reporting.
  • Incentives are from actual performance over a 5 year period and have potential to earn more than traditional grants.

P4P Incentives

Incentives are provided out of two categories of savings: Base (Initial Capital Project) + Performance (savings from on-going O&M, behavioral opportunities and other savings exceeding the Base projections). In year one, up to 50 percent of the Base incentive will be paid at commissioning. The remaining Base incentive will be split into equal payments over the next 4 years. Additionally, in those next four years, a performance bonus will be paid for qualified savings that exceed the projected savings from the initial capital projects.

Incentive Structure

Year 1: At Completion of Capital Improvement Project

Up to 50 percent of Base Incentive: $.40/kWh and $6/therm.

Each Year 2 - 5

25 percent of the remaining Capital Incentive + Annual Performance Incentive of $.05/kWh and $.50/therm

How you qualify

To be eligible for PSE's P4P program, your building must meet the following characteristics:

  • Be served by PSE provided electric and/or natural gas with an an interval-ready meter.
  • Have 50,000 square feet or more of conditioned space
  • Have a record of stable energy use for a baseline period of 12 month which can be easily modeled with independent variable (e.g. weather, occupancy, number of production units).
  • Pursuing two or more capital measures resulting in at least 15 percent whole building energy savings
  • Have an available liaison between your business and PSE for quarterly reporting duties

Interested in learning more about what P4P would look like at your facility? Contact the Commercial Retrofits group at

How you apply

To get pre-approved, complete this custom grant application and submit to PSE in one of two ways:

  • E-mail to
  • By calling an Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Ask an Energy Advisor

For more information about Pay for Performance, email the Commercial Grants group at

Ask an Energy Advisor

For personalized advice, contact an Energy Advisor

Or call, 1-800-562-1482

PSE Pay for Performance is designed to make the grant process easier for multiple measure, deep energy retrofits. The performance periods will incentivize efficient commissioning and help staff develop processes leading to persistence in savings for years to come.