Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

Earn PSE incentives for including VRF in your office or schools

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is an HVAC technology that uses refrigerant to condition the air using an outdoor condensing unit connected to multiple indoor units within a building. The outdoor unit has a variable speed compressor to modulate the flow of refrigerant through the evaporator coils in the indoor units. These can be 2-pipe (Heat Pump) or 3-pipe (Heat Recovery) systems.

What you get:

PSE offers $3 per square foot of conditioned space for VRF systems.

Get started

To get started, fill out an application and email it to A PSE engineer will contact you to discuss the project.

Application Form


How you qualify

To be eligible for our Commercial Strategic Energy Management program:

  • Your business site must be within PSE's electric service area
  • Your building must have a minimum of 10,000 square feet of conditioned space
  • This grant is available for retrofit and new construction
  • This grant is available to commercial offices and schools
  • Condenser units must serve multiple zones and have rated cooling capacity greater than or equal to 5 tons
  • The project must be reviewed by PSE staff before a grant is guaranteed

How you apply

Submit your application by email, using the links above.

A PSE EME will review your application and coordinate meetings between PSE and your team to review design decisions and project specifics. Your project's design details are reviewed so PSE can determine your eligibility, make energy efficiency recommendations, and estimate your grant value.

Not sure which option is best for you? Submit an application and a PSE Energy Management Engineer (EME) will assist you with the grant process.

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