Commercial Appliance Programs

Efficiency lowers your bill, incentives lower your purchase price

When your commercial equipment ages out or becomes unreliable — or you just decide it’s high time to shave operating dollars off your monthly energy bill — our commercial appliance incentives are smart ways to save on your purchase.

Our current commercial appliance programs include:

Commercial kitchen equipment incentives
Commercial Foodservice Equipment
Cooking and sanitation make up more than half the energy usage in your business's kitchen, so high-efficiency kitchen appliances can greatly lower your bills and reduce energy waste.
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Commercial Heat Pump
Commercial Heat Pump
Heating your business can account for up to half your energy usage, but you can reduce that to a quarter when you upgrade to a ductless heat pump over existing electric resistance heaters.
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Commercial Laundry Equipment Incentives
Commercial Laundry Equipment
If your business uses laundry appliances, you'll lower your bills when you switch to energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment — especially if they're constantly running.
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Packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHP)
Packaged terminal heat pumps (PTHP)
Replacing aging or ailing PTAC with energy efficient PTHP can reduce the in-room heating energy for your hospitality business by over 30%, while also improving comfort and satisfaction for your guests.
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