Our ethics and goals

Safety, reliability and affordability have been Puget Sound Energy’s main focus for over 145 years. At PSE, we fully embody our company goals and ethics. We lead with excellence and pride in our legacy of great customer service while making communities stronger and greener.

Our ethics: Doing the right thing

While doing our part in the communities we live in and serve, we hold ourselves and our suppliers to strict ethical standards. Our ethics and compliance program covers a broad range of topics but can be summarized into one simple sentence: Do what is right.

By upholding these standards in our daily tasks, we continue to serve with fairness, honesty and decency — building upon a foundation that we have cultivated for more than 145 years.

To help us maintain the highest standards, we have established the Ethics Help Line to report any matters that are not consistent with our Code of Conduct. This service is open to the public, PSE employees and management, is available 24/7 and is anonymous.

Ethics help-line:

1-866-236-4PSE (4773)

Ethics web intake:


  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Callers may remain anonymous
  • Operated by a third-party vendor
  • Information is reported to PSE and investigated to determine appropriate action
  • Individuals will be able to follow-up on investigations
  • Reports will be reviewed by appropriate officers and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors for trends and broader issues

Our goals: Leading with excellence

Enhance customer service

Respond to our customers by listening, leveraging new systems, updating processes and providing innovative and improved products, programs and services.

Optimize generation and delivery

Secure and maintain reliable resources by building or replacing infrastructure to meet customer needs, promote environmental stewardship and provide investors a fair return.

Be a good neighbor

Lead, protect and improve our natural gas and electric service, promote energy efficiency initiatives, encourage corporate giving and embrace community involvement.

Value employees

Value diversity, teamwork and open communication. Work safely and support employees through technology, process improvement, recognition, training and development.

Own it

Conduct ourselves and our business in an ethical and responsible manner. Using company resources and facilities wisely while taking personal responsibility to meet customer needs.

Continue to learn and grow

Examine past practices, challenge assumptions and apply lessons learned to improve our efforts as we get better at what we do every day.

In addition to our corporate goals, we adhere to performance criteria for customer satisfaction and energy efficiency outcomes.